Friday, January 27, 2012

Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa Pockets

This another recipe made at my sister's suggestion. I'm thinking I'll just let her pick all my recipes from now on, and I'll just cook them. Unfortunately since she lives 877 miles away, I can't share them with her. Only for another 6 months or so. Then we'll be stationed back in my beloved Rotten Groton and I'll get to live near all my friends and family again. At least for a couple years.

Knowing my new obsession with avocado's, this was an awesome recipe for her to suggest. Avocado, salsa, and cream cheese? Yes please! Now, I've never been a huge puff pastry fan, and I almost didn't use it here. I was >thisclose< to substituting crescent roll dough instead. After talking it over with my mother though, it was decided that crescent roll dough would probably be too 'heavy' for the filling. It just seemed like it should be in something light and fluffy.

This was SO easy to make and would be an awesome breakfast to make if you have guests staying with you. You don't even have to mix anything together! Just drop some mashed avocado onto a pastry square, top with cream cheese, then some salsa, and make a pocket...simple!

Chelsea, thank you again for another tasty breakfast recipe (Jesse would like me to pass along a big EWWWWW!! He was not impressed). Love you!!


'Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Salsa Pockets'


1 large sheet puffed pastry, thawed
1 ripe avocado, halved and mashed
1/3 cup cream cheese
1/3 cup salsa
salt and pepper, sprinkled to taste
1 egg, beaten


1. Heat oven to 400F and spray two baking sheets with cooking spray. (I lined mine with foil then greased it)

2. Thaw puffed pastry for about 10 minutes. With a knife, slice the pastry into approximately 2-inch by 2-inch squares. (I only used one of the two pastries that came in the box, and made 9 squares, or 4 pockets. You can get 18 squares, or 9 pockets if you use the whole box)

3. On half the squares, place a dollop of avocado, then cream cheese, then salsa. Season with salt and pepper. Use the remaining squares as the tops and place over top the filling. Seal the pockets by pressing the edges with a fork. Seal well so no filling oozes out during cooking.

4. In a small bowl beat an egg with a fork and apply an eggwash to each of the pockets. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until desired browning and puffing has occurred.



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  1. Hey , I just came across your blog and i love it. I just made these as these look super yummy , in the oven right now.. I made afew changes though . i Used leftover Tandoori chicken with salsa and cream cheessee.. Cant wait ..:). .Thanks for the recipe.:)

  2. What a super idea!! Stuff with whatever you want, and bake. Make on the fly, so many possibilities. Each family member (or friend) can customize their own pocket. The recipe sounds good, but the concept is out of this world. Thanks!!

  3. Glad you and your sister liked my recipe!

  4. We loved it! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  5. Found your blog on Pinterest. Love it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. I made these tonight for a dinner party and they were sooooooo awesome! I ended up serving the salsa as a dipping sauce rather than inside because they were too soggy otherwise. Great recipe!!! Yum!!

  7. Just thought you might like to know the Boston Park Plaza (extremely Ritzy amazing hotel) pinned this recipe on Pinterest! Wonder if they'll be making them! :) I can't wait to try it!

  8. Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for telling me :)

  9. these are awesome, cant wait to try them out.

  10. I came across your post here through Pinterest.. although the Pin/picture did not lead me to this link ... The recipe looked so good that I had to search for it ... Luckily for me the title of the recipe on the Pin matched to this link. Can't wait to try these!.. They look Awesome!.. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Do you have any idea how well these freeze? I haven't worked with freezing puff pastry. Would they need to be thawed first?

  12. Tracey, to be honest with you, I have no idea. I don't normally freeze stuff, but I googled whether or not it was ok to freeze puff pastry once cooked, and it definitely is. The pastry won't be as flaky as it was when it first came out of the oven, but it should re-heat just fine.

  13. Hi There! I found this recipe over at Sverve and had to come check it out! First of all, your pic is gorgeous. I swear it should be in a magazine! Secondly, I pinned! It looks so good I had to share! Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!

  14. Hi from South Africa. Love the look of these, but am going to try them using phyllo pastry instead. Or as well! Great as an appetizer.

  15. This looks like a perfect appetizer for our neighborhood's monthly TGIF. I'm always looking for recipes that DON'T need to be served warm....would this work for this recipe, or do they really need to be eaten shorty after coning out of the oven? Thanks! Anne

  16. Hey Anne! I think you could absolutely serve these after they've cooled! I do think they taste best when they're warm, and I don't recommend them cold (like out of the fridge cold), but room temperature is just fine!

  17. These were awesome! Used this combination but also tried ham, cheese and chipotle mayo, peanut butter and banana and then, peanut butter, nutella and bananas! Yum!!

  18. I made these last night as a side to our chili and lime marinated sirloin and these pockets were a big hit! Delicious!

  19. Just made these now and are so fantastic - I added tiny pieces of chicken and fresh spinach and were just divine

  20. These look amazing ('found via Pinterest). If using all of the puff pastry sheets, would you recommend doubling the filling? Thanks so much!

    1. I would just to be safe. I made these so long ago that I can't remember if I had any filling leftover. If you do though, you can always mash it up and make in into a dip!


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