Thursday, August 23, 2012

The LHS Lunchtime Special

Source: A Ledyard High Lunchtime Favorite


1 bagel
2-3 tablespoons cream cheese
1 handful BBQ Fritos (or any flavor you prefer)


1. Toast bagel to desired 'toasty-ness'

2. Slather both sides with cream cheese.

3. Arrange a handful of BBQ Fritos around the bottom portion of the bagel. Replace top to make a sandwich.

4. Press down to break the chips and squish the sandwich together...enjoy!


  1. I never tried this recipe. I was suppose to but but I had to undergo drain cleaning first. I can't risk my messy kitchen right now. But I am about to do it this Christmas.

  2. Ahhhh FINALLY someone who gets a good 'weird' sammy.... I have been enjoying a variety of this sandwich for 15+ years, only mine is with regular Cheetos, or in the absence of said Cheetos, regular Dorito flavored chips work well too :-) Love your blog.... also was the navy wife but for a surface sailor!


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